Mangement Services for Property Owners

Eck Real Estate Services, Inc. is a locally owned property management business offering comprehensive management for residential real estate investments. Our services relieve property owners of responsibility for day to day operation while providing peace of mind and security. We have been managing properties since 1989 and have amassed a body of experience, knowledge, and resources that we believe are of great value to our clients. Our proficient staff strives to provide a high level of service and value with a philosophy of nurturing long-term relationships with conscientious clients and quality properties.

If you have interest in full service professional property management we would like to visit with you. Please contact us by email at with your full name and property addresses you are wanting managed.

Below is just a partial listing of the services we provide.

Leasing.  Our friendly staff will help you with all your leasing needs. This includes advertising, receiving calls and scheduling showings, processing applications, tenant background and credit screening, lease preparation and signing, security deposit and rent collection, coordinating all move-in and move-out related activities.

Tenant Turn-over.  Perform move-in and move-out inventories as required by law, cleaning and refurbishment, repair of tenant damage, determination of deductions from tenant security deposits, deposit refund accounting, defending deductions and pursuing any deficient accounts.  We strive to collect all monies owed you while treating the tenants fairly and in strict adherence to landlord and tenant law.

Rent Collection and Tenant Relations. We offer multiple means of rent payment both electronically on-line and at our regularly staffed office.  Our office staff addresses tenant’s questions, concerns, and needs.

Maintenance Management.  Receive and evaluate maintenance requests, respond to after hours emergencies, assign maintenance and repair work orders to the most appropriate contractors, follow up on maintenance and pay contractors. We file required IRS reports for labor and services.

Record Keeping and Reporting.  We keep meticulous records of all receipts, payments, and other financial transactions.  Monthly reports include cash flow, income detail, and expense detail.  Many other reports are available as needed.  At year end we send reports bringing together financial activity for the entire year.  We find that clients and accountants greatly appreciate our reports.  With your permission we will work directly with your accountant if any needs arise.

City Licensing and Codes.  The City of Lawrence is initiating rental licensing and inspection for all residential rentals.  We coordinate the required inspection and arrange for satisfaction of any requirements.  We would be your local agent as required by code if you live more than forty miles from Lawrence.

Taxes and Insurance.  For many clients we pay real estate taxes and insurance premiums.  In some cases, we make regular mortgage payments on our clients’ behalf.  Again, our goal is to minimize your responsibilities and the minutia of paperwork.

Fees.  We believe our fees to be at or below the industry standard for our area.  We charge a reasonable leasing fee to help defray our related expenses and a percentage of each month’s rent.  There are no extensive add-ons. Charges for routine maintenance that does not require significant supervision or coordination by ERES staff are passed through to the property owner at our cost.  We do not profit from routine maintenance.  For services that exceed the definition of routine maintenance we reserve the option of adding a reasonable hourly rate charge or a contracting marg


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